Python word search

Small school project

Clasic word search. In this program, users search for words from the word bank. When they found one, they must write down the coordinates of it, and if it is there, it will be colored. They win when they found all the words.

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In word search, users need to find words from the word bank. This game is usually played on a paper sheet, but in order to make it work in a python script, users enter the coordinates of the start and end of the word they found. If the word is there, it will be coloured in yellow. Users win when they found all the words. The logic behind this project was hard at the time I programmed it, since words are always re-shuffled and thet can cross each other, with letters overlapping. It is in this portfolio since it was a great project, even more considering that I developed it in my freshman year (in object-oriented-programming class).

Development process

Tools used


Team behind the project



This project was entirely developed as a python script with no external libraries. At the time, I was just getting started with python, and I was enjoying it like crazy.

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Principal features

Enter the coordinates of your word

When users start the game, the need to find the words from the word bank. If they do, they enter the coordinates from the first and last letter (As: "A1-C1").

Watch it colored!

If the coordinates that the used entered contained a valid word, it will be colored in yellow!

Hide scrambled leters

Are you having problems to find words? No problem, you can hide the scrambled letters running the other script contained in the repository.


If you made it this far, I assume you are probably interested in this project. I hoped you liked it! If you did, don't doubt in contacting me to build something similar, I would be happy to hear your idea and develop it!

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