I'm Ulises Aviles.

My name is Ulises Eduardo Aviles Ibarra. I'm a 21 year old Mexican mobile app and web developer that loves to grow and learn (professionally and personally).
I have always loved logical problem-solving and business, therefore being a developer feels like heaven to me.

About Why I'm a developer

As stated, I have allways loved to solve problems using logic and doing business.
That's why being a developer was the best career for me, since it allowed me to solve problems using logic and do business with it. However, the think that I like the most, is that I can develop solutions that allow people to achieve better results in many areas. That is what keeps me motivated during long coding sessions.


My journey as a developer started right at the start of my second year of college, when my object-oriented-programming teacher invited me to develop a mobile app with him. The moment I started, there was no way back, I enjoyed so much that made the choice to focus all my efforts at becoming better at it.
Since the end of that project (it took 4 months), I started my freelancer career developing static websites (TurfMasters) and got into my first experience as an entrepreneur with my own app (Poleo). Since then, I have worked with many great clients for both big projects (like the Tendrish app ecosystem) and small ones (like STIMB's website). During this whole process, I developed many cool school projects. Some of them are included in this portfolio.

About my academic education

I started programming in my last year in high school at Colegio Ibero Tijuana and I loved it from the beginning, I had always been pretty good at all math-related subjects, but programming was a practical problem-solving-oriented discipline that allowed me to use my attention to detail to develop great solutions. I graduated from my high school with the first place in academic performance in engineering, and all of my projects were awarded first place in the science fair (I was kind of a try hard lol).
Then I started studying computer science at Cetys University and I'm loving it. I love the abstract math-related part of the major like data structures and discrete math, and of course the more practical project-oriented part of it like software development. As of the end of 6th semester, I have an average of 98 out of 100 (my school projects are always outstanding since around 90% of my app and web development skills were self taught).

About my personal growth

I love my work, and apparently all my success until now is due to my academic and professional performance, however, I would argue that it is equally as important for me to be successful in other areas. I love spending time doing thinks like spending time with the people I love, reading non-fiction books, meditating and exercising. I usually read around 15 books a year. Reach me out if you have a great book recommendation!

You know me by now. Let me know you!

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