Turfmasters website

Medium-size free-lance project

Turfmasters is a company that sells turf, synthetic grass and related products. Their website allows them to reach more clients and show them all their products and services in detail.

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Turfmasters is a very successfull company that sells and installs turf, synthetic grass and related products. They needed a website to allow potential clients know their brand, products, the advantages of working with them and all the cases in where they delivered excellent results to their clients. Currently the website is fully developed, but the real images have not been provided by turfmasters yet.

Development process

Tools used


Team behind the project





Adobe Xd

This project was developed using ReactJS with JavaScript. It was designed in Adobe Xd. The code is stored in a Github repository. It was deployed using Github pages.

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Principal features

Home screen

Turfmasters is a great company to work with, who's products are certified by FIFA, and that has worked for great projects. Their home page summarizes all that!

Product catalog

Turfmasters has lots of different products! (much more than I thought, at least). The product catalouge allows them to showcase all of them in a simple grid where clients can view their photo, description and recommendation. If clients whant to, they can click on the respective details button.

Product's details

Did you liked a product? Then find out if that's the one perfect for you! Once users click on the details button they are shown this page, where they can find all of the details, espacifications and photos.

Installation services

Don't worry about the installation, just choose the product you want and turfmasters will take care of the rest.


Not sure about the company's performance? Check out this page! Here users can find lots of great projects where turfmasters did a great job!

About us

Want to know more about the compay? In this page Turfmasters share who they are, as well as their mission and distinctive characteristics.

Contact form

This page allows users to contact Turfmasters via phone, email or directly via an email form in this page.


As stated, Turfmasters wanted to reach more clients, that's why it was important to allow anyone to check your site at any time, in any device.


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