Python Blackjack

Small school project

The infamous blackjack game. In this game, players are able to play blackjack making bets versus a dealer that is programed with real-life rules.

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In this game, users are able to play blackjack versus a dealer that was programmed with real dealer rules (like not hittinng if they got more than 17). Users can bet money in their hands, then they can surrender if they didn't like them, hit another card if they are falling short, stand if they have a great play or double down if they feel lucky. At the end, the result is displayed and users can keep playing until they run out of money.

Development process

Tools used


Team behind the project



This game was fully developed as a python script with no external libraries.

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Principal features

Enter the ammount of dollars you want to bet!

At the start of the game, users are given 500 dollars to bet. They can choose any ammount to bet.

Read the instructions

Since this game's menu has a lot of options, it has an instruction set to allow users to understand the game and all the available options.

Watch your hand

Once you place your bet, you and the dealer are given 2 cards each, but you cannot see one of the dealer's. So you must choose a good strategy based on the available information!

Get another card

Falling short? Get another card! If you are lower than 21, you can always hit for a new card (hoping no to pass 21!).

Double down!

Feeling lucky? Double down! You double your bet and are given another card, which you will stay with. Good luck!


You got a great play? Stay! Once you stay, you cannot get another card, and the dealer's cards are shown.


Your hand is not looking good? No problem, surrender! If you surrender the turn is over but you only loose half of the money you bet

Watch results

Once the game is over, the dealer's cards are shown. If you got closer to 21 than him (under it), you double your money!


If you made it this far, I assume you are probably interested in this project. I hoped you liked it! If you did, don't doubt in contacting me to build something similar, I would be happy to hear your idea and develop it!

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